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NKN Machine is the joint venture of NUKON and is the main authorised service point is built 2019 in order to provide better service for our valued customers in Fiber Laser, Plasma Cutting, Oxygen Cutting, Water Jet Cutting with it’s high technology service procession.

As NKN, our service engineers are chosen carefully after providing high skills, our aim is to provide full customer satisfaction fort his aim, we give updated trainings and seminars to our engineers. We knowing that high quality service needs fast and clear solutions the service must be preformed by well-trained experts.

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Maintenance and Service
Installation and Relocation


NKN has been producing and supplying products that will facilitate the work flow of our valued customers. As a result of our long R & D activities and researches, you can examine the products we have chosen for you in the field of Flattening and Laser marking.

We have chosen products that will make your job easier …

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Kohler Parts Leveling

Vacuum Lifters

Installation and Relocation

All of the machinery transportation and installation organizations realized in line with the standards and guide lines determined by NUKON.

For Certified Relocation and Training Services…

Certificated training and installation…




With Industry 4.0 from IOT and OPX UA solutions developed by NUKON software engineers, your entire production is in your hand.


With the revision program prepared in NUKON standards, 101 point control and revision of your machine is carried out by NKN. With NUKON machine production experience and NKN skills, all updated software and automation solutions besides the renewal of your machine.

We make your machine virgin as begining…

NKN has increasing product and service quality day by day, NKN has always been its first priority to provide 100% Customer Satisfaction for each product sold in order to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.


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